Kitchen Sink Enchiladas

If I'd known how good these were going to taste, I'd have made them prettier. Thrown some avocado slices on top, and some red onion. Or sliced black olives.
It was a " use what's in the refrigerator" meal, and we had a lot of vegetables in the refrigerator. So I sautéed  some mushrooms, onion, garlic, cauliflower, broccoli, and Asian eggplant. I happened to have some leftover green enchilada sauce. I'd made the sauce a few days earlier, but if you're less ambitious, the canned green enchilada sauces taste pretty good also.      I also had some leftover cooked kasha, roasted buckwheat groats. And threw in some chopped hazelnuts, which were hiding in the back of the refrigerator, but till tasted good.  And Ballyshannon, an Irish cheddar from Kerrygold, which was both inside the enchiladas and also on top of the outside. It was vegetarian and delicious. Definitely not low fat. I found a bottle of  coconut aminos, a soy sauce like product( but less salty), a…

A public service announcement, Pierogi, and future Renton area restaurants?

A Public Service Announcement

We are living in weird times. As a result of the fast spreading and potentially lethal coronavirus, many states are under Shelter in place, or Stay at home orders. One is allowed to go outside for exercise, or to pick up food or medicine, or other essentials. But many businesses have been ordered closed,  and social distancing is urged.
Thus, while many restaurants are still open as take out and delivery places, very few of them are thriving. Some were noted as being hangout places, and hanging out at these places is not an option. Some  have closed. It wasn't easy to run a restaurant here before the Coronavirus. Lots of people are out of work. People are being urged to stay home. And we are urged to minimize contact in person with other humans.
But if you can afford to, it's not a bad idea to get restaurant food delivered or picked up, at least once in a while. . They need the business, and it's good to mix it up. You may be a great cook, but …

A solid Cantonese find in Renton Highlands, and "Hipster Vietnamese" opens near Safeway downtown Renton.

We all have our "little quirks". One of mine is that I resist going to restaurants that refer to themselves as bistros. I know it's not fair.  I've sometimes later gone to places with bistro in the name, and had a perfectly good meal. But my immediate inclination is to run for the hills.
A few months ago I went to the Renton Bistro on S 3rd St, the place that use to house gene's, and Pino, and Vino. It's now a Vietnamese "Bistro", and the food was good in the couple of times I've been there, but the service was slow.
Yet one evening about a month ago, it wa getting late, we were tired, nobody felt like cooking, and Diane had a cold and a craving for congee. We passed by the Red Bamboo Chinese Bistro(1306 Union Ave, Renton, in the same complex as the driver's license place) and took a chance, despite my aversion to bistros. You know what? The place is really good! The black bean sauce green pepper shrimp was fresh tasting. That's th…

More beer! Korean Fried Chicken, and Vegetarian Stuffed Portobellos at a hotel bar?

Renton's got a new brewery. It's Bickerson's Brewhouse, (4710 NE 4th St.), in the eastern Renton Highlands, in the complex where the QFC is. Renton now has three breweries. I went to check out Bickerson's on Thursday. A while back I checked out Dubtown Brewing, the next newest kid on the brewery block (201 Main Ave S), and at four years old, Four Generals Brewing( 229 Wells Ave S.) is the senior citizen of Renton breweries, and  is a place I continue to return to.
Anyway, the beer pictured is Bickerson's Five Blind Mice, an IPA. It was delicious.
What astounds me is that the last few times I have gone to each of these breweries, they were full of people drinking beer.  As Martha Stewart said " It's a good thing."
Just a few years prior to Four Generals opening, there were a couple of Renton breweries, operated out of the owner's garages. Herbert B. Friendly was only open one afternoon a week. They were in South Renton, and it was the garage and b…

Where's the best Mexican food in Renton?

First off, I have to brag that this blog is now featured on the Renton Chamber of Commerce's website.  Check it out at  If you'd told me thirty years ago that I'd be hanging out with Chamber of Commerce types in the future, I'd call you nuts. But the Renton Chamber of Commerce is different. Grassroots. Nurturing and promoting the vitality of downtown Renton and other neighborhoods. A bunch of funny, creative people. So there! Go ahead, call me a corporate stooge! That out of the way, let's talk local Mexican food. I'm not going to tell you where I think the best Mexican food is in Renton. Because I don't know, and because my mood changes. But there are some worthy contenders. And what's best, anyway?
For me, the food has to be delicious. And even if it is delicious, it might not be the best if it takes a long time for me to get the food I ordered, or there's very long wait for a table, or the service is unfriendly and incomp…

I Like Bread

I like bread. I know...carbs. I know...empty calories. I know....heart disease and cancer contributing White Death.
But, y'know? We all make choices. I eat no meat other than seafood. I don't smoke. I barely drink. I eat lots of vegetables. I get lots of exercise.
Fifteen years or so ago, I was on a low carb diet. I lost fifty five pounds( and only gained about twenty of it back), so for a long time( six, seven years?) I did not eat bread. Oh, I ate the stuff sold in the stores as low carb bread. And I told people it was pretty good. I lied. It was as if some crazed chemist created some weird concoction out of sponge, sawdust, and melted plastic. And called it bread.
What I'm talking about is real bread, from a bakery( or made at home).
To the best of my knowledge, Renton does not have a bakery that makes bread, other than supermarket bakeries. It's too bad, because I think bakeries really enhance a town or neighborhood. Renton Highlands used to have the Sugar, Flour …

Mystery plant, Food Innovation Network, Mexican weekend buffet, and Chantrelle mushrooms

Today's post starts with a quiz. The flowering plant above is something I grew in my garden. The photo was taken September 7th. What is it?
A. Marijuana
B. Opium Poppy
C. Okra
D. Tomatillo
I'll reveal the answer at the end of the post.

Boon Boona Coffee is hosting some pop up fundraiser lunches for the Food Innovation Network as they try to obtain commercial kitchen space for budding entrepreneurs who need mentorship, guidance, funding, etc. They are raising money to develop the Tukwila Food hall( and I'm jealous that it won't be in Renton.) Nonetheless, it's already started, and on October 4th, they'll be featuring the food of the Congo, on October 18th Kenyan food, on November 1st Soul Food, on November 15th Kurdish, on December 6th Mexican, and on December 20th different Kenyan food.  It's from 11 AM-1PM. You can buy tickets in advance or just show up at Boon Boona, 724 S. 3rd St, Renton. The…